1. Is there an age limit for renting and driving a car?

The minimum age to drive a car is 21 years old. For customers aged between 19 and 21 years, a supplement of € 5.00 per day will be charged for categories B-C.

2. Which driving license do I need to have?

A category B license, valid and held for at least one year, is sufficient. This must be shown in original when collecting the car.

3. Is the driver obliged to communicate billing information when picking up the car?

Yes. The billing data must be shown when collecting the car.

4. Is there the possibility of including an additional driver in the rental agreement?

Yes, upon payment of a supplement of € 5.00 per day and the presentation of the original driving license of the additional driver.

5. How much does it cost to rent a car?

The cost varies according to the type of vehicle chosen, the presence of supplements, the equipment and the duration of the rental.

6. Can the final price be different from the estimated one?

The initial cost includes services that can be modified by the customer; for example refueling the car, returning it to a station other than the exit station, any fines etc.

7. Are there any insurance coverage?

Yes, the basic rate includes civil liability insurance required by law (R.C.A.), theft and fire coverage (with deductible) and coverage for damage to the vehicle (with deductible).

8. Are there any deductibles?

Yes. There are deductibles relating to damage and theft, the amounts of which vary according to the rented vehicle. It is possible to eliminate these deductibles by stipulating specific insurance formulas (Skrplus cover, CDW reduction / TP reduction).

9. Are there any additional airport charges?

No, the cost of airport charges is already included in the rental rate.

10. When should the rental payment be made?

The rental payment is made on site, when you pick up the car. In some periods of the year and for some types of cars, however, an advance payment of the entire rental amount (or a deposit equal to 50% of the total) may be requested, to be made at the time of booking.

11. Where is it possible to rent a car?

At any of the Skarent agencies:
-Airport of Comiso, port of Pozzallo, port of Marina di Ragusa, Vittoria or on request free home delivery within a radius of 30km from our main office.

12. When should it be returned?

At the end of the period indicated on the contract. A rental day is considered to be 24 hours (starting from the delivery time). An hour delay is tolerated. Exceeded this limit, an extra rental day will be charged. The return is scheduled during the opening hours of the agencies, beyond which there is a supplement.

13. Can the rental period be extended?

Yes, subject to confirmation by Skarent. The communication of such a change must be made within 24 hours from the delivery date provided for in the rental contract

14. Does the car have to be returned with a full tank of fuel?

Yes, otherwise both the amount for the missing fuel and the cost of the refueling service will be charged.

15. Where can the car be returned?

At any of the Skarent agencies. The return service to an agency other than the outbound one costs € 70.00.

16. What should be done in the event of an accident?

The incident must be reported within 24 hours to one of the Skarent agencies. On the part of the driver, it is necessary to fill in the C.I.D. in all its parts, in order to avoid payment of the deductible in the absence of proven responsibility.

17. Is it possible to request a replacement car?

The customer who needs a replacement car can request it at one of the Skarent agencies, which, at its sole discretion, can grant it (or not) based on availability.

18. What should be done in the event of a fine?

The fine will be fully charged to the driver of the car, who is required to pay it immediately or, if unable, to promptly notify the delivery agency, in order to avoid the application of the surcharges provided for in the event of delayed payment.
In the event of a specific request by the police, Skarent car rental is obliged to provide the name of the driver, who will be notified of the penalty for payment.

19. What should be done in case of loss / damage of the vehicle keys?

The custody of the keys is by the customer. In case of damage or loss, a charge of € 300.00 (VAT included) will be charged to you.

20. What should be done in case of loss / damage of the vehicle documents?

The custody of documents is the responsibility of the customer. In case of damage or loss, a charge of € 300.00 (VAT included) will be charged to you.

21. How can I make a reservation?

All bookings can be made through the exclusive online booking service, by phone and at the Booking Center.